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Start here! Sharon and I are excited to offer self-paced interactive courses. This course will aquaint you with the basic structure of a LearmDash Course, and how they are a valuable resource for your spiritual formation journey.

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Spiritual Formation: Introduction

This Course explores the basics of Spiritual Formation: Definition, Protestant Authors, and the relationship of Spiritual Formation to others spiritual develop perspectives: Discipleship, Christian Education, and Sanctification. This is a prerequisite for all other Transformation of the Heart Courses.


Road Map to Spiritual Formation Resources

This course provides a definition of the term Spiritual Formation as used by Transformation of the Heart, orienting Spiritual Formation to other terms used to explore the life of a Christian after their initial conversion. Finally, four catagories are used to group Spiritual Formation materials, programs, and perspectives. These are Journey/Stage, Seasons, Programs/Disciplines, and Individuality.