Enneagram Work

 “The Enneagram is a compassionate sketch of possibilities and opportunities, pointing us back to our
rue Self and back to the anchoring God whose name is Love.”
Christopher L. Heuertz, author, The Sacred Enneagram

Most of us spend a lifetime trying to figure out what makes us tick, why we struggle in relationships and how God fits into it all. The Enneagram is here to help. Much more than a personality test, the Enneagram is a sacred map to the soul. Join Sharon in discovering your unique pathway to personal transformation and soul integration. Learn the way back to your True Self.

Enneagram work can be tailored to your specific needs and availability. Required reading will help the student become familiar with how the Enneagram system works. Sessions will focus on debriefing the readings and incorporating the ideas and tools of the Enneagram into daily life. Sessions will last approximately one hour.

Sharon is a member of the Arizona Enneagram Association and receives ongoing training in the complexity of the Enneagram for healing and personal growth.