For nearly three years, I have looked forward to sessions of Spiritual Direction with Sharon. I come away feeling refreshed and nourished in my soul. She creates a welcoming, calm, and open space to yield to God’s presence to guide us. Sharon has a gift of compassionate listening and helps me to feel seen, heard,… Continue reading Shelly


 I first thought a Spiritual Director was not needed for my spiritual journey. But Roger is essential and invaluable! Using his multi-faceted background, he has helped me become aware of my blind spots; he has helped me see things that are not of Jesus. As an airline pilot by trade, I tend to have black-and-white… Continue reading Richard


Roger Hornbeck has walked with me through many seasons of my life, and I’ve been fortunate to have his insight throughout it. I often feared that “Spiritual Direction” would just become another item on the to-do list, but Roger just walked alongside me, inviting me to see God’s presence and  communication within my life as it… Continue reading Robin


My time with Sharon has greatly shaped my life. I starting meeting with Sharon because I was feeling stuck in a hard situation in my life. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from spiritual direction, but I have been blown away by the things the Lord has taught me. During my meetings with Sharon,… Continue reading Teresa


Sharon has played a really instrumental role in my life the last 6 months through spiritual direction. With guidance, invitations, reminders and encouragement, I feel my relationship with Jesus is closer than it’s ever been. Sharon has helped me see how much shame I’ve carried that was never intended for me in the first place… Continue reading Janae


I first heard of Enneagram a few years ago. Some friends were traveling to a retreat to learn about it. From the little I had heard, I was skeptical. All three friends returned from the retreat enthusiastic about the potential of Enneagram. I trust them, and was willing to hear more. Fortunately, another friend was… Continue reading Julie