For nearly three years, I have looked forward to sessions of Spiritual Direction with Sharon. I come away feeling refreshed and nourished in my soul. She creates a welcoming, calm, and open space to yield to God’s presence to guide us. Sharon has a gift of compassionate listening and helps me to feel seen, heard, and understood. Her divine insight and sensitivity to my personal joys and struggles have given me perspective to experience God in a deeper way. I am grateful for her companionship in my faith journey. Her inquisitive questioning has encouraged me to become more imaginative, curious, and hopeful about God’s loving activity in my life. Sharon has shared an array of contemplative practices with me. Integrating these rhythms of rest, reflection, listening, and responding to God has been transformative. My relationship with God has been strengthened by being contemplative. Sojourning with a wise, supportive, caring, empathetic, and resourceful woman of faith like Sharon has shown me the loving-kindness of God. My heart continually longs to see the sacred in myself and others. I heartily advocate partnering with Sharon for Spiritual Direction!

Thank YOU!:)