Formation Coaching

Roger and Sharon are available to help individuals develop spiritual practices that deepen their relationship with God and enhance personal development. Components of a Formation Coaching relationship will include the following:

  • Assessment
  • Action Steps
  • Follow Up


  • Listen to Story: We listen to the story of you—the events, habits, and people who have shaped you into who you are today.
  • Desire Clarification: We help you clarify your heart’s desire regarding your relationship with God.
  • Evaluation of Spiritual Practices: We look at your past and current spiritual practices and at the fruit they have yielded in your life. We discuss how you can utilize them moving forward and how you can enhance your journey by adding additional practices. We help you discover what works for you.
  • Plan Presentation: We present a plan of reading materials, spiritual practices, and contemplative exercises that will help move you into a deeper relationship with God. This plan will unfold and adapt during the contract period and according to your personal preference.
  • Contract: Together, we will determine the length of the coaching relationship (contract period) based on your desire and availability. We will discuss your financial commitment and the personal responsibility of both parties during the contract period.

Action Steps:
The following components will be part of the Formation Plan we adopt together and will be adjusted as needed.

  • Reading List
  • Spiritual Practices/Exercises
  • Courses
  • Assignments


  • Weekly Check-in Via Email: You will be responsible to submit a summary of your spiritual life and experiences weekly via email to your coach.
  • Monthly Meeting: We will meet monthly in person, via Skype/Zoom, or by phone to discuss your journey and to listen for God’s voice together.
  • Post-Contract Check-in: Following the end of the contract period, we will meet in person, via Skype/Zoom, or by phone at the 3-month and 6-month mark to check-in and assess your spiritual journey.