I first heard of Enneagram a few years ago. Some friends were traveling to a retreat to learn about it. From the little I had heard, I was skeptical.

All three friends returned from the retreat enthusiastic about the potential of Enneagram. I trust them, and was willing to hear more. Fortunately, another friend was the instructor at the retreat, and she provided online opportunities for me to learn about Enneagram. I was also doing some online reading on my own.

I’ve known Sharon Hornbeck for over 15 years, and I’m so glad she became an Enneagram teacher! I’ve been able to receive training, read recommended books, and over time, discover my Enneagram number. The online sessions have been really helpful. Sharon uses a good balance of instruction and discussion, and doesn’t try to impose her ‘opinion’ of what number she thinks we are. It’s a process of self-discovery and growth, and she guides us through new facets of this system.

As a Christian, I’ve added the tools learned with Enneagram to my journey with God. I’ve become more self-aware, and have done some hard work in becoming ‘healthier’ within my Enneagram type. Understanding others through this lens has been a game-changer for me. I have more compassion for friends and family, and I believe we have improved relationships as a result. I look forward to our monthly gatherings, and come away with a more holistic understanding of how I’m wired, and how I respond to my surroundings.